петък, 27 август 2010 г.

BET awards 2010

BET awards 2010
Не е кой знае какво,все пак не са хип хоп наградите

малка част от мощщта наречена Джърси
Some graff by ma man...


Big L-Lifestylez of da poor & dangerous
Big L-The big picture
Whut? Thee Album (1992)
Dare Iz a Darkside (1994)
Muddy Waters (1996)
Doc's da Name 2000 (1998)
F.U. Don't Take It Personal (1992)
Nervous Breakdown (1994)
Beastie Boys:
Licensed to Ill (1986)
Paul's Boutique (1989)
Check Your Head (1992)
The In Sound From Way Out! (1996)
Hello Nasty (1998)
To the 5 Boroughs  (2004)
Leaders of the new school:
 A Future Without A Past (1991)
T.I.M.E. (The Inner Mind´s Eye) (1993)
Big Pun:
Capital Punishment (1998)
Yeeeah Baby (2000)
Fat Joe:
Represent (1993)
Jealous One's Envy (1995)
Don Cartagena (1998)
Shyheim - A.K.A. The Rugged Child (1994)
The Lost Generation (1996)
Manchild (1999)
Black Moon:
Enta Da Stage (1993) 
Diggin In Dah Vaults (1996) 
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
All Souled Out EP (1991) 
Mecca and the Soul Brother (1992) 
The Main Ingredient (1994) 
Between A Rock And A Hard Place (1994)
That's Them (1997)
Group Home:
Livin' Proof (1995) - produced by DJ Premier
Ако имате няк'ви рекуести,пишете в коментарите.:)


днеска много на запад отивам :Д

Stoned as fuck ...